Smartphone Force Touch Solution
The Chipsea's phone force touch solution can be widely used in various fields of mobile phone. For example, it is applied to the side to replace the physical keys, and provides a richer sliding and gripping experience; it can also be applied to the full-screen mobile phone to implement the under-screen HOME button and the fingerprint trigger on the screen.
  • Highly Integrated SoC
    Integrated M0 CPU, Force Touch AFE and adaptive detection algorithms for single-chip solutions
  • Pressure Sensor
    Can be adhered to various materials such as the phone frame, the back of the screen, etc.
  • AP of Phone
    Get key pressure values through IO or I2C for multiple applications
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    Solution Features
    High integration: built-in M0 CPU, Force Touch AFE and adaptive detection algorithm
    High precision: measurement accuracy at microvolt level
    Low power consumption: can be used to replace mobile phone physical keys, including power button, volume plus or minus button
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    Technical Features
    Realize all the functions of the button, directly replace the physical button
    High-precision signal acquisition for detecting signal changes at microvolts
    Can be used for Metal, ceramic, glass and other panels & frames
  • Applications
    Edge pressure sensing
    Under-screen key
    Screen fingerprint module
    Force touch screen
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