8-bit RISC MCU with 12-bit ADC

1K×14 bits OTP ROM, 64 bytes data RAM


The CSU8RP3115B is a high performance 8-bit RISC MCU with 12-bit ADC. It has 64 bytes SRAM, 1K×14 bits OTP ROM, 1 channel 32MHz 12 bit PWM, low power consumption, simple peripheral circuit. It has an excellent ADC with internal reference voltages of 1.4V / 2.0V / 3.0V / 4.0V / VDD and external input reference voltage, and the internal reference voltage supports hardware calibration. CSU8RP3115B is suitable for multiple applications. CSU8RP3115B is an upgraded version of CSU8RP3115, adding LVR 1.6V, clock inproved to 32MHz, ADC increases wake-up function, increases internal reference voltage hardware calibration, PT5.0 drive capability is enhanced to 80mA, remove PT3.3 large drive function, remove external crystal function.

8 bit RISC Core

8 bit RISC Core, and high efficiency C compiler

1K x 14-bit OTP program memory

64-byte data memory (SRAM)

Only 42 single-word instructions

8-level PC storage stack

8-level PUSH and POP stack

Supports ISP

Low Power Consumption

Operating current of MCU

-- 0.23 mA@2 MHz, 3 V in normal mode

-- 6 uA@32 KHz, 3 V in normal mode

-- Less than 1μA in sleep mode

Special Features

Power-on reset (POR)

POR and hardware reset delay timer (98 ms)

Low voltage reset (LVR) -- 1.6V / 2.0V / 2.4V

Timer 0 — 8-bit timing counter supporting programming and pre-frequency division

Timer 1 — 12-bit timer/counter with programable prescaler

Timer 2 — 12-bit timer/counter with programable prescaler

Extended watchdog timer (32K WDT) — Programmable time range

Peripheral Features

5 bidirectional I/O ports, 1 input port

1 buzzer output

1 PWM output

4 internal interrupts, 2 external interrupts

5 input ports with the wake-up function

3 channels 12-bit ADC with the wake-up function

Six kinds of reference voltage: internal 1.4V / 2.0V / 3.0V / 4.0V / VDD and external input

Internal reference voltage supports hardware calibration

Reference voltage accuracy ±1%@5V, 25°C

Support digital comparator

Low-voltage detection (LVD) pin, 2.4 V voltage provided internally for comparison

1 open drain output port

Configurable level and voltage in the input logic

PT5.0 's sink current is configurable, up to 80mA@5V

CMOS Technology

Operating voltage range — 2.2 V to 5.5 V

Operating temperature range — -40~85 ºC


Built-in 32/16/8/4/2 MHz oscillator with the precision of ±1%, 25℃


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